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Welcome to Search MI! So, what is this amazing site all about? Well, Search MI is an EXCLUSIVE Michigan based listing site for all businesses in this great state!

The Frustration

Have you ever looked for a business on a search engine only to find that the results brought up listings in other states, countries or even a result that was totally irrelevant? The Michiganders that have created Search MI have generated a way to search for local businesses with results of listings appearing in the Michigan town or county that you searched. You will NEVER have a search that results in a listing for a town or city that has the same name in other states!

We are local!

Search MI is all about keeping things local. We are simply a group of Michiganders that want what is best for those living in our great state! Here is a little more about the Search MI team:

  • We Live Local – All of our staff lives in Michigan
  • We Operate Local – All of our offices are based in Michigan
  • We Spend Local – Since we live here, we spend our money here

Local hosting

As we are a group of Michiganders, we want to keep our hosting located in Michigan. Why should you be interested in this fact? That’s quite simple… Not only does it keep the cash flowing in Michigan, but it also increases the SPEED of! So, not only will you find business listings for Michigan, but they will quickly be at your fingertips!

How Are We Different...

...From Google

There are a variety of differences between Search MI and Google. The first being that we are a directory, not a search engine.

Here are a few other vital differences that separate Search MI from everyone else:

  • a comprehensive list of ONLY Michigan businesses
  • focused on Michigan AND based in Michigan
  • ALL businesses are listed within the area selected
  • free for the user…YOUR potential client
  • claiming your business listing is FREE
  • very EASY to use, understand and navigate


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